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Looking to clean your windows to reduce your heating bills?

Are you looking for a one-off or regular window cleaning, West Drayton? DW Maintenance & Exterior Cleaning is your local window cleaner in West Drayton, providing a wide range of domestic and commercial window cleaning services and solutions. We’re highly professional window cleaners using only the best technology, liquids, and materials when cleaning your home to ensure your windows get that perfect shine, every time. For more information about us and our window cleaning services in West Drayton and the rest of London, please contact us today!

Window cleaning services we offer…


Front windows


Back windows


Ground windows


Up to three floors


Stain removal

Window Cleaning West Drayton

telescopic water-fed pole

What Does Window Cleaning in West Drayton Entail?

Boasting the latest and greatest tools, we can clean the biggest and highest of windows – there’s no exception. We can get your windows to sparkle and shine by removing spider webs to general dirt and grime.

Using telescopic water-fed pole systems and purified water to create naturally dried windows, long gone are the days of buckets, ladders and sponges. Welcome to the window cleaning revolution!

water-fed pole technology details

Water-Fed Pole System Technology

This simple yet powerful system allows us to clean hard-to-reach windows across West Drayton and London and has many other benefits too. Most importantly, using water-fed pole system technology will enable us to work from the ground, avoiding ladders and the risks they can bring.

What’s more, our window cleaning in West Drayton features purified water. Water from the tap contains minerals and residue; these impurities can cause a coating and streaking on your windows when left to dry. Because of this, we purify our water by passing it through many different filters and natural resins.

To find out more about our roof, gutter and window cleaning services, please get in touch with us today.

protecting your property

Benefits of Window Cleaning in West Drayton


Shinier Finish

Most people attempt to clean their windows but are left with horrible streaks when the water dries. We use heavily filtered water to purify it from minerals and residue. As a result, your windows are left shiner, in fact, as good as new. Imagine all that natural light bursting through!


We use the latest window cleaning technology that allows us to clean your windows from the ground. Most homeowners don’t have our professional tools and take the risk of climbing up a ladder, which poses a host of risks, especially death.

Save Time

Your time is incredibly valuable. Without the right tools to filter the water, and clean the windows, you’ll have a considerable amount of time cleaning the windows. We’ll do it on your behalf to an exceptional standard and we guarantee your satisfaction!


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