5 Benefits of Professional Window Cleaning

by | Jul 15, 2022 | Windows

Contrary to popular belief, window cleaning isn’t just about improving the quality of the view from standard to high definition. There are many benefits of professional window cleaning that you may not have been aware of, and most importantly, it could save you a fortune with the soaring energy prices.

Heating Efficient

The average home across the UK spends over £1,200 a year on gas, which is a staggering £100 a month. This can be reduced with a little science! One of the first things taught in school, if not before, is the sun is hot. As we get older, we learn it emits heat. So, applying this information to our homes is ensuring our windows are as clean as possible throughout the winter to allow sunlight to emit heat into our homes. If the windows are dirty, it does not reflect well enough and fails to generate sufficient heat to notice.

Increased Curb Appeal

You might be thinking that scientifically it makes sense to have dirty windows to keep cool during the summer, and that’s right. But, it would seriously be ruining the curb appeal of your home. Instead, have your windows cleaned regularly, but simply open the windows early in the morning and keep the blinds or curtains shut.

Prolong Your Windows Lifespan

Like everything, if you leave it dirty, dirt and grime accumulate over time, contaminate and erode your windows. This can lead to broken seals, which typically result in major condensation issues. Having your windows cleaned regularly will highly effective chemicals will ensure the contamination is addressed and your windows are protected.

Save Your Time

Cleaning your windows once a month takes a lot of time out of your day, especially if you don’t have all the necessary tools to do a great clean in the least amount of time. Hiring a professional window cleaner like DW Maintenance and Exterior Cleaning will have your windows sparkling clean for less than your time’s worth.

Stay Out of Harm’s Way

Some say climbing a ladder is a death wish, and if you’ve not got an extendable window cleaning pole, you’ve got no choice but to climb up. Fourteen people have died per year over the last six last years, having climbed a ladder. Stay out of harm’s way and use a professional window cleaner.

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